Bringing the Network Device "up"

  1. PowerControl - Set Crystal On

  2. InitPowerControl

  3. Set the PowerControl Clock to Fast

  4. Setup this core to recieve Interrupts (See BackPlane "Making an I/O Core Usable")

  5. If the Radio is either hardware disabled or software disabled
    1. PowerControl - Set Crystal Off and abort

  6. If the 802.11 core isn't active, switch to the 802.11 core
  7. Loop over all of the 802.11 cores (Max 2, counted as 0 and 1)
    1. If the core is not enabled (see BackPlane), do a 80211CoreReset, requesting the PHY to be connected on and only on the first loop iteration (corresponding to the first core) if there are two cores, and request the PHY to be connected if PHYConnected is true if there's only one core to use.

    2. If this isn't the current 802.11 core, make it inactive (80211CoreInactive)

    3. Perform an 80211Init

    4. If there are 2 or more 802.11 cores
      1. SuspendMAC

      2. Turn Interrupts off
      3. Turn off the radio
    5. Otherwise, break from the loop
  8. If we have 2 or more 802.11 cores, pick the one we'd like to use and EnableMAC

  9. Turn the interrupts on
  10. Set the PowerControl Clock to Dynamic

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