/!\ These specs are based on older drivers using v3 firmware and coded in b43legacy. They are considered obsolete for all cards except B PHY only and early BCM4306 B/G cards. Please use the v4 specs instead: http://bcm-v4.sipsolutions.net/ If there is something here that isn't in the v4 specs, but should be, please let us know.

In light of the bcm43xx vs. bcw flamewar we, the reverse engineers, would like to point out that to the best of our knowledge the bcm43xx driver is clean. We would also like to note that we contacted Jon Simola at the end of December 2006 and offered to help clarify any questions on these specifications. Some people have now claimed that it was impossible to write a driver from just the specs and the bcm43xx source code was required, but we are sure this is not true, especially if you ask questions.

We would like to extend that offer to anyone else reading, feel free to contact us on IRC (see below).

The ReverseEngineeringProcess page describes how we created this specification, the rest of the site is simply that, the specification.

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