1. Upload the BSInitialValues

  2. Write 0 to MMIO offset 0x3E6

  3. Turn on the radio (see RadioControl)

  4. Perform a PHYInit

  5. UpdateTXPowerSHM

  6. InterferenceCalculation (Default is WLAN Auto)

  7. Set AntennaDiversity

  8. SetTXAntenna

  9. Write the Minimum Contention Window value (default 0x1F for BPHYs, 0xF otherwise) to SHM routing value 0x0002, offset 0x0003

  10. Write the Maximum Contention Window value (default 0x3FF) to SHM routing value 0x0002, offset 0x0004

  11. Set the slot time as required (see SlotTiming)

  12. Initialise the RateMemory

  13. Write the PHY Type to SHM offset 0x52

  14. Write the PHY Revision to SHM offset 0x50


  16. Enable bit 0x100000 in the MicrocodeFlagsBitfield unless we're monitoring in B Compatibility mode

  17. If we're an AP in Promiscuous mode
    1. Set bit 0x1000000 in the MicrocodeFlagsBitfield

  18. If we're in monitor mode
    1. Set bits 0x1400000 in the MicrocodeFlagsBitfield


  20. If this is an A PHY with Wireless core revision 4 or less
    1. Write 0x1D to SHM offset 0x3C

  21. Otherwise
    1. Write 0x1E to SHM offset 0x3C

  22. If we're not in Ad-hoc mode and this is an AP
    1. Write 2 to MMIO offset 0x612 and SHM offset 0x416

  23. Otherwise if this is an APHY
    1. Write 0x78 to MMIO offset 0x612 and SHM offset 0x416

  24. Otherwise
    1. Write 0xFA to MMIO offset 0x612 and SHM offset 0x416

  25. Write FIXME to SHM offset 0x414

  26. Enable FrequencyTracking if desired

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