The Power Saving Control Bits are bits 25 and 26 in the StatusBitField. When setting them, follow this procedure:

  1. Set the Power Control bits in the StatusBitField as required

  2. If bit 26 should be on (regardless of whether it was before or not) and the core revision is >= 5, then spinwait for up to 1000 uSec or until SHM offset 0x40 isn't equal to 4.

/!\ For now, for a non-powersave mode, always keep bit 25 off and bit 26 on.

Calculating the Power Saving Control Bits

When the power saving bits are to be set, but it isn't specified to set or unset the bit, we check the values below to see whether or not the bit should be set.

Setting Bit 25

If the power management mode is not set to off and FIXME is not set and we're not in adhoc mode and this isn't an AP and we're associated, set bit 25.

Setting Bit 26

If the device is awake or this is an AP, or we're scanning, or FIXME, or we're associated or FIXME or the last PS-Poll packet sent was succesful, set bit 26.

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